Go Foil Maliko 280

GO FOIL MALIKO 2800 –  2800cm2 Projected surface Area – Actual area 2400cm2

Wingspan of 41" / 104cm

The largest wing in the collection! The larger surface area of the Maliko 280 makes it best suited for slower speeds which translates to added confidence and safety. It is the ideal choice for learning to foil using slow speeds and riders wanting to learn to downwind foil.

The Maliko 280 is NOW only offered in 29.5"Tuttle masts (it used to be offered in 24.5 mast length) which is thicker in chord length , meaning less flex in the mast with a wing as big as this. 

Its an incredibly huge wing and getting it up onto foil in flat or very small swell is easy to an extent. It has a large sweet spot and lots of buoyancy which makes the board it's mounted onto rise up out of the water when you are not on it! However as the sweet spot is so big its easy to feel you are up on the wing easily when SUP paddling it . It can throw you off, if you are off centre on the board which is easy to do when there is so much lift from the floatation beneath you.

Here is a session I had surf foiling on the Maliko 280 with a 24.5 mast

Check out another Go foil Maliko 280 Ride

What do you get ? - Go foils are now supplied with wing and mast covers to keep your wings pristine and protected, Mallet, screw driver and screws are also provided and depending on the package purchased a wing suitcase for triple packs. As Go foils are primarily Tuttle mounted masts in 24.5" or 29.5" unless ordered otherwise (plate mount is available in a 28.5" mast ) you will need to purchase a plate mount if the board you are using only has track mounts.(Two US boxes)

Rider Profile

  • Under 65kg: Learning to foil behind a boat or downwind.
  • 65-85kg: Learning to foil behind a boat or downwind, downwind riding in light conditions.**
  • 85-95kg+: Learning to foil behind a boat or downwind, downwind riding for advanced riders.**


Find the best Go foil for you - Uses:

  • Surfboard: Heavier rider or super small surf conditions.
  • Kiteboarding: Not recommended.
  • SUP: Small wave wing for light weight riders, Go To wing for heavy weight riders in good surf.
  • Wake: Beginning riders or heavier weight riders.
  • Windsurf: Easy to ride wing for most riders in light wind.
  • Downwind: Experienced smaller riders.

Front Wing Construction:

  • 100% carbon pre-preg skins with epoxy polymer hybrid core, integral cone connection for maximum strength, all cured at 250° F in an autoclave at very high pressure.

Features Include:

  • Significant reinforcements: solid carbon at the wing tips, leading edge and trailing edge for robust durability when handling on the beach and installing the wings.
  • High strength / weight ratio which means the wings float!
  • Cone system attachment allows the rider to have a stable reliable connection between fuselage and wing.

Rear Wing Construction

The Maliko 280 uses the same rear Stabilizer wing as the IWA (Blue in colour)

Some people prefer using the red Kai wing stab with the Maliko 280 wing as it loosens up the foil for flat water pumping - Tail wings can be ordered separately, but fitting them may void warranty 


  • 100% pre-preg carbon fiber laid up in a solid monolithic structure, cured to 250° F in an autoclave at very high pressure.
  • Cone system attachment allows the rider to have a stable reliable connection between fuselage and wing and also less faffing with multiple screws 

*This wing is not warrantied in the surf


Foiling Sri Lanka - around Welligama

Please respect locals and any others in the Water - you have a responsibility to show Foiling in a good light.

1. Coconut point - There are a few spots around here which offer good foiling waves rights and lefts.Head to 'Papa mango' restaurant and take a look.

People in the water - Quiet to moderate

2. Pier reef - Inside the main reef around 200 metres off the concrete pier where the boats are moored up, there is a deep reef which will often come up and hardly break -This wave then backs off into deep water offers right and left shoulder swells. If using a big wing you can get 100-150 metre rides if your legs can retain the pump towards the boats.

Its situated across from the main peak at Fishermans so you will have to watch for 5-10 minutes to see it break / feather to know exactly where it is.

People in the water - Very Quiet

3. Fisherman point - There are multiple scattered take off spots which depending on the size of the swell break further out to the end of the point. The first spot which is closest from shore should be avoided for foiling it is shallow and full of beginners to intermediate surfers.

If you paddle past this spot you will see multiple take off spots ( rights)  which usually have little to no other people surfing.Water depth is deep.

People in the water - Quiet to moderate

4. Jungle beach - Offers a great set up for right hand foiling waves. It is better on low tide but can be foiled through to high . The take off spots are close to big rocks which are shallow but deep enough . The right wave breaks far out next to a rock outcrop and swings wide into the channel.Sometimes if a wide set comes you can foil on swell all the way to the beach. The inside towards the shore can get shallow so watch the coral heads.

There is a left peak straight out from the beach which is prone surfed more - this is a little more shallow so should be foiled with caution.

People in the water - Very quiet

5. Easy right - Midigama is more exposed and picks up more swell. It's an easy reef to surf and can get very popular but has multiple take off spots as the swell hits the reef. If it is busy you can take off wide on the shoulder. Its a deep wave which can offer foil rides all the way to the beach.

Its easily affected by wind and there are some Jellyfish which will sting

People in the water - Moderate - busy

I took both SUP & Prone foil boards, some waves break along way from shore so the SUP has a big benefit of getting you there. Also I foiled waves which would not be steep enough to prone paddle into.

For SUP foil in November onwards I used Go foil IWA wing predominantly , with Maliko 200 on small days. For prone foil i used Kai wing.

Click on this link for more foiling spots further east towards Dikwella foiling areas .

Please observe you own spot risk assessment and make sure conditions are suitable for your level .The water is clear so you should investigate the bottom depth and hazards on your paddle out .Remember a steeply breaking wave will mean it is shallow underneath , Look for slow spilling waves.

Downwind foil by One

If you're wanting to learn to downwind foil .....watch this !

Great video Jacko !


The Takuma E foil - Beginners or experts, gliding sport lovers or summer vacationers, if you’ve ever dreamed of flying above water try e-takuma.

Price of £5999 GBP includes: 

Motor & Propellers
Remote controller
Cooling system
Modular design
Speed From 8km/h to 30km/h Speed 
Our product has built-in Samsung Lithium batteries, the same system used by TESLA cars - Samsung 48v/35a
Board size : 6’4x30 : 150L 
Max weight of rider : about 95kg be to comfortable 
Max speed of board : about 30km/h 
Weight of Efoil  : 28k (battery is 11kg)
Battery charge Time : 3h
Running time of 45-75 minutes depending on rider weight and conditions

We will have the product ready to ship in May 2019 - RESERVE YOURS TODAY by contacting us 

We will require a £500 non refundable deposit 

For more information go to http://etakuma.com/

Soloshot3 Foiling test video

Now I had the opportunity to borrow a friends Soloshot3

This is fantastic if you haven't got a wife or friend ready to follow you at any opportunity for film session.

Ok I admit I was a little worried about leaving it on the beach , but as long as you're savvy about where to place the camera this particular model has the x65 Optical zoom which helps at this particular spot as its a good 250-300m out from the shoreline.

Im a little sceptical about the company behind the soloshot as you'll read pro and against reviews on their customer service , but as far as the product goes - Its a robotic cameraman that follows your surfing  (most of the time )

Roll on more sessions , Sweet !



Are you ready to be Foiled ?!

Obviously there are many folk out there who simply are not interested in foiling but if you are you're reading this , there are probably just as many who are actively discouraging it - and I get that. It is, however, becoming more and more apparent that it's here to stay and a sizeable chunk of the uk surfing population is waking up to its benefits in less than perfect surf which, of course, we have plenty of here in the UK.  Seeing high profile surfers like Kai Lenny, John John, Twiggy and UK riders Alan Stokes and Andrew 'Cotty' Cotten onto hydrofoils is going to ensure the profile of the sport is raised further and it'll doubtless continue to captivate the imagination of many.

If it's here to stay then it's really of paramount importance that we are making sure that people who are looking to get started have access to the best information for them to do so safely for the protection of themselves and others in the water.

Here is a recent article from Carve mag about surf foiling - Have a read !

Foiled Carve mag article

There are many hydrofoils available on the market but some of them will not help you progress and build on your learning curve, the type of board you use is also of paramount  importance regardless if its a board you have decided to retrofit. 

We will be holding our annual Foil camp clinic in North Cornwall in April , DATES TBC - details here FOILSURF CLINIC CORNWALL 

Text Credit - Dom Yule - TKC sales for F-one and Slingshot contact [email protected]

Downwind foils

We thought a movie showing and explaining some aspects of the foils aimed at Downwind foiling might be useful .

All of the foil models featured in this movie we have available to purchase here  DOWNWIND HYDROFOILS


Go Foil - masts update

This isn't particularly new news from Go foil but if you didn't already know
18/19 Summary:

The 24.5” Tuttle mast remains in the line in limited combinations.  
This will continue to be the go-to product for entry level or riders that are conscious of the tide / water depth at their spot.

- The 29.5” Tuttle mast is the new go to foil mast, it is stiffer and has a wider cord. This will help reduce over foiling.
The Nalu in the 29.5” Tuttle is the go-to product for kite foiling.  Awesome!

- The 28.5" Plate mast is designed for the prone surf customer.  
This is why is comes with only the smaller wings combinations.
Check out what we have available GO FOIL UK 


We are in the process of editing a movie all about Downwind foils - downwind dreams 

Check back soon for the full edit 


Sri Lanka

A edit featuring recent trip to Sri Lanka ...actually our second trip here . Plentiful spots for foiling with no others to bother you and friendly locals.

Massive thanks to my wife for filming whilst keeping our 3 year old occupied on the beach !

We'll be putting together a guide to the coastline we explored , but get in touch if you want any information. #loyaltothefoil