Takuma Foil board range - Overview


Available Now stock models (limited availability )


7'6 Carbon Hybrid (windsurf track & inserts )
7'10  HRS (inserts or no inserts) & (windsurf track )
7'10 Carbon Hybrid (windsurf track & inserts )


6'10 HRS

6'10 Carbon

7'3 Carbon

7'5 HRS

7'5 Carbon

8'0 HRS

ZK Prone 

ZK 5'9 & 5'10

4'6 MINI 

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Fanatic Aero 1500 ....First Ride !

Fanatic Aero first Foil session. 

Conditions - Small 1-2 ft 


It definitely needs speed to get it lifting versus wings with higher front wing volume and thickness, this means the wing has a small sweet spot and can drop off foil easily making you work to get speed by pumping harder, but it's a playful foil and does the job well despite it's odd appearance.

We would not suggest it to any SUP foil paddlers over 95kg as a 'do it all' foil ...unless the Fanatic foil platform has other wings up its sleeve for the future. 

We will develop an overall review and not judge too much more ...Well done Fanatic !

Fanatic Aero foil 1500 unboxing

First 'Go' Surfing Review coming soon ..Please subscribe to our Youtube channel !


Go Foil Kai 1200cm2 surface area 

Wing Span: 24″ 

The original surf wing design that started the revolution, the Classic! The Kai 120 provides the highest performance for surfing and aggressive turning with total control.

Rider Profile

  • Under 65kg: This is your wing when you need more lift.
  • 65-80kg: This is your most versatile foil.
  • 80-95kg: Riders wanting less lift and more control.

In our opinion and others will back us up i'm sure , This is the 'Go to' prone foilsurfing wing . It can be used for SUP foiling for lighter riders or for bigger conditions (shoulder height and above ) , but for the average 65-80kg rider wanting to prone paddle into waves and foilsurf the KAI is the wing you will want to use time and time again. Lots of volume in the 24" wingspan and pumping glide. It has to be in your foil quiver bag ...no ifs or buts .

The kai is offered in a double surf package (Kai & Iwa wing) 24.5 inch Tuttle mast , a 28.5 Plate mast or a 29.5 Tuttle mast. 

What do you get ? - Go foils are now supplied with wings and mast covers to keep your wings pristine and protected, Mallet, screw driver and screws are also provided and depending on the package purchased a wing suitcase for triple packs


  • Surfboard: Surfers’ go to foil.
  • Kiteboarding: Light wind riding.
  • SUP: A staple wing in the surf for lightweight riders or riding bigger surf.
  • Wake: Great for towing or riding wake behind the boat for
  • Windsurf: All riders in medium winds

Front Wing Construction:

  • 100% carbon pre-preg skins with epoxy polymer hybrid core, integral cone connection for maximum strength, all cured at 250° F in an autoclave at very high pressure.

Features Include:

  • Significant reinforcements: solid carbon at the wing tips, leading edge and trailing edge for robust durability when handling on the beach and installing the wings.
  • High strength / weight ratio which means the wings float!
  • Cone system attachment allows the rider to have a stable reliable connection between fuselage and wing.

Rear Wing Construction

Kai has its own rear Stabilizer wing (red in colour)


  • 100% pre-preg carbon fiber laid up in a solid monolithic structure, cured to 250° F in an autoclave at very high pressure.
  • Cone system attachment allows the rider to have a stable reliable connection between fuselage and wing.

*This wing is not warrantied in the surf**This wing is not recommended or warrantied in the surf

Starboard Hyper Foil 2019

I recently had the opportunity to see some of the new 2019 Starboard Foil products about to hit stores worldwide.

Here were my thoughts on the boards , I had around a 2 hour session on the 7'2 x 27.5 

The blurb 

The combination of a short compact outline, distinct channel bottom and thick profile makes it a platform for entry-level learning to foil up to the world’s most progressive riders. Numerous test trips to Bali, Phuket, and continued testing in Hawaii have formed a range that excels in all types of conditions including flat-water pump foiling, wave riding and downwind racing.

See product page here: https://sup.star-board.com/products/hyper-foil/

The specific SUP foil board range encompasses 4 boards in the range 

6'4 x 25"

6'6 x 30"

7'2 x 27.5" - Pictured and tested 

7'7 x 30"

The boards are well made as you would expect from any Starboard product and extensive research seems to have been done with SB pro riders.The board on test was stable and paddled well (foil attached).

The boxy rails with a slight chamfer in the forward section of the boards nose sit the board high out of the water giving stability for the size.

There is raised volume in the nose section of the board in front of where the deck pad ends. No foot strap inserts are offered on these foil specific models instead there is a small front foot marker which is to aid in helping front foot alignment. see below


The foil attachment boxes on the underside are offered as plate or Tuttle. This is a great consideration however the boxes were short 8" on this pre production model , 10" US boxes will be offered to on 2019 stock models allowing more adjustability of the foils placement allowing larger wings to be brought and mounted further forward.

The channels underneath whether they work or not do keep the board paddling straight. 

Once up On foil 

The channels are great in negotiating the yaw a short shape usually gives to the rider when paddling hard , but I found the board a bit sticky on takeoffs onto the foil compared to boards with more pronounced chamfered rails especially in the rear/tail section of the board. 

The raised Eva deckpad section (red area) over foil placement does aid in two functions :rotation of the shoulders when initiating a sweeping cutback and helping keep weight over the front foot without straining the lower back too much (your back does take a beating with all the bouncing onto the foil )

The ridge bar down the centre of the board does help in aiding whether you are off centre when paddling onto a wave  


Starboard are a little behind the the curve on foiling in my opinion even though they have pro riders who have been 'foiling' from the start of its latest conception. The boards albeit great quality don't seem to have functional performance benefits which Foiling is generating from other brands. I suppose what i'm trying to get at is : considering the might of Starboard in the Paddle surfing world they have been late to the table with this offering, that is not to say the boards don't work, they work very well but anything can work as long as you stand on it. I just feel as hydro foiling trickles into the mainstream water sports world, Starboards shapes have been signed off a little late and don't offer the foiling finesse we've seen from other 'foil only' or fully committed brands. Maybe we can expect more from Starboard as foiling evolves?

That said it is still a comprehensive offering from Starboard ...showing 'foiling' is most definitely here to stay. 

along with two new surf hydrofoils - reviewed soon 

Prone boards - Starboard are due to release some prone foil boards in 2019  but nothing is set in stone on these - sizes considered are as follows 

4'8 x 19"1/4

5'2 x 20"1/2

5'6 x 21" 1/2

6'0 x 21" 1/2

All thoughts and opinions are my own


Takuma Concept 2019

Here is a sneak peak at the some of the 2019 Takuma Concept product line.

Takuma Concept 2019 foil products 

Fanatic SKY SUP foil

Fanatic SKY SUP foil

Excited to open the NEW  2019 fanatic Sky SUP foil board up last week ...and ready for testing !

The shape is specifically designed to give stability for paddling and manoeuvrability when foiling. Capitalising on the board’s awesome small wave performance, the shorter length keeps the Sky SUP agile on even the smallest of waves and controllable underfoot on bigger, faster surf.

The unique concaved deck shape and bevelled rail provide powerful, hard turns without fear of catching a rail, whilst the track mounted foil allows fine tuning for lift and different styles of wing.

The Sky SUP has been designed to bring a refreshing new dimension to your boarding. Gliding on ocean swells, harnessing new sources of power in the surf and transforming tiny onshore conditions into awesome days. No matter what conditions you wake up to, every day is a waveriding day with the Sky SUP! 

The 7'0 x 31.5"  on test will suit the heaviest of riders - having 145 Litres 

0% FINANCE AVAILABLE is available - or order the Fanatic Sky surf foil board here 

Available sizes - 7'0 x 31.5" 145 litres

Or pre order below

6'4 x 27" 96 litres ​

6'6 x 30" 115 litres

6'10 x 31" 132 litres



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What to expect from Us !

We fallen in love and what to share the stoke and passion of foiling, so with that in mind were about to embark on a field of video reviews of boards , foils, leashes, mounts ...anything which makes foiling easier or more fun or helps you get to grips with it !

Here is a list of what to expect soon 

Fanatic SKY SUP 7'0 x 31.5

Fanatic SKY surf 5'6 x 22 board

Go foil Maliko 200 , Maliko 280 , Iwa 180, Kai 120

Axis 92 , Axis 102 foils

Takuma v400 & V900

Neil Pryde Glide surf

Foil mount Tuttle to plate adapter

ION SUP core safety coiled Hip belt leash

Watch this space !