Neil Pryde have been servicing the windsurf foiling trend for a year or so now and the Newly anticipated ‘Glide surf ‘ foils are about to drop .

Andy Chambers of Neil Pryde popped by The SUP Hut to show us the foil .

First Impressions – A lightweight hybrid foil with a super stiff aluminium mast and fuselage and G10 wings. Featuring a really nice inter changeable board mounting system so no matter which system you prefer  (track mount or Tuttle) you’re sorted for fixing to your board. The NEIL PRYDE GLIDE SURF Large has a 1600cm2 front wing which is fantastic for Surf foiling for the heavier rider or for lighter riders who may want to try SUP foil downwinding. Titanium bolt hardware, whats not to like ……!

The NP:GLIDE SURF is an exceptionally durable high-performance modular Aluminium/ G10 surf foil designed with emphasis on control, stability and early take-off.

Available in 3 wing sizes Small / medium and Large at 1612cm2.

Large wing 1612cm2

Medium wing 1225cm2

Small wing 1032cm2

We will have stock of these and a demo – the pricing is also very competitive for a large foil wing (1612cm2) with this setup and features .

To order you Neil Pryde glide surf  foil click here BUY NEIL PRYDE GLIDE SURF FOIL

In our opinion these are some of the best priced foils on the market for what you get …Definitely worth considering !