There is lots to learn even if you are an experienced surfer or Waterman.

We are proud to announce we will be offering a  90 minute introduction to the Electric Hydrofoil board from Takuma, including board set up, and up to one hour of riding (one battery life)


Hydrofoiling or ‘Foiling’ as its now known is all about the basic skill of balance albeit in 3 different ways !

However foil stance is also very important, you cannot just simply adopt the same stance you would on a surfboard for instance.

By watching videos you’ll also become familiar with the classic variations of the foil stance. Practice this forward weighted foil surf stance by taking a few minutes to program it into your muscle memory. 








Imagine slicing the board in two nose-to-tail and then glue back together, that cut line is where you need to position each foot . Being able to balance and rise above the water is about centering your weight directly in the middle of the board. 

When learning on the Efoil board you also have throttle control and balance as the surface of the water changes, meaning you balance needs to adjust and also your speed  – a bit like flying an aeroplane in calm conditions versus in turbulence.

To learn to ‘read water’ focus on the surface, If there’s a choppy texture on the water then it’s important to be aware of your balance more and read the surface like surfers do or how a skier or  snowboarder looks ahead of their current path as they hurtle down the mountain!

When you’re ready for a lesson Click Here to book your foiling experience.

Location – Mumbles – Swansea

We DO NOT rent the units

Who can try it ?

People who have had experience surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and/or foiling will quickly be able to master the Foil.

For those with no experience, yes you can join, you just may not have the acquired balance skills to stand. Foiling on the board lying or kneeling down is still great fun !

Terms & Conditions

  • Pay & display parking is available on site
  • All equipment is provided –  (wetsuit , helmet and buoyancy vest )
  • You must be able to swim
  • Price is per person per 90 minute session
  • Max weight requirement of 95kg (board factory recommendation) We will weigh you before we start .
  • Price includes VAT

For Efoil purchasing from us BUY ELECTRIC FOIL BOARD