So an interesting question came in from a customer and I thought it was worth writing up my response for others to see.

I am considering looking at prone foiling as a new challenge. I haven’t prone surfed since I took up SUP surfing, so probably good beginner for prone surfing, whereas relatively advanced sup surfer. Would you say it is advisable to look at prone rather than SUP foiling? Prone foiling looks like there is such a bigger range of possibilities…


I would personally say stick to what you have developed in your water sports game .

For instance …i used to surf shortboards to a high level (went to north shore twice late 90’s to test myself…and managed to return unscathed ….albeit a few boards snapped and “reef inspector” as a new nick name!

Then along came kitesurfing ..which strung me along …then SUP which i adopted at the start .

I haven’t surfed much….since really ….as like you said SUP surfing has its advantages .

Then along comes ‘foil surfing’ even though there are advantages in prone foiling (smaller kit , lighter etc) it’s the hardest to master .. SUP foil the easiest.


So I took up the paddle with the foil and i can tell you paddling back out hundreds of metres after a speedy swell ride ..having a paddle in my hands has never been easier.

The SUP foil can also catch waves that don’t break whereas the prone foil set up means you turn to alternatives …such as tow in or the rock hop pump ..Flat water pumping has its own distinct learning curve away from the ocean …and into the dock , river or lake .

I try and do both …i want to develop my prone foil game …but it’s time …which slips by fast …so I’m a far better SUP surf foiler than prone surf foiler in my opinion.