Carbon Tracks & Foil Drive Gen2 Connectivity

An Update on Gen2 Connectivity with Carbon Track Boards
We wanted to provide an update on progress finding a solution for the very small number of boards with carbon foil tracks interfering with connectivity between Gen2 kits and the controller. We are please to advise we have a working a solution, more information below.

Information as of 12 January 2023 - This article will be updated as more information is available

The Identified Issue:
If you are not aware, a very small number of boards are experiencing connectivity issues with Gen2 systems caused by some boards having carbon construction combined with carbon fibre foil tracks. While the R&D team did extensive testing on a large range of boards prior to release of the Gen2 System, this connectivity issue was never encountered.

We have done further testing and while some boards with carbon tracks have no issues and note simply touching the controller to the deck of the board can provide solution.

It is worth noting that this connectivity issue is effecting less than 1% of riders currently using Gen2 systems and is as result of a very small selection of boards.

Boards that have been identified include:

Armstrong FG
Takuma Rising Sun 2023
Core Kites (Unconfirmed)

The Solution:
The team have been working very hard on finding a solution for this small number of boards effected, to extend our compatibility.

We have a working prototype that is proving to be a stable solution moving forward and are continuing to test this. The next steps for us here are to continue developing this solution into something that can be commercially produced and used by all.

This solution will be a user fitted, non destructive, passive flat antenna patch that can be used by those with board experiencing connectivity loss and will be very easy to install.

We understand that some people want to use these specific boards / carbon tracks and we are working to have a solution to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through this, something that was unforeseen despite extensive testing as so few boards relative to all board manufactured in this world have carbon tracks.

We will continue to update this post with more information as it becomes available and look forward to providing a sustainable solution to those effected as soon as we can!

The Foil Drive Team

Code foils UK

Excited to receive a few Demo front & rear wings from code foils 

Namely we chose the 720s and 860R 

We are excited to release the 720S. This loose and surfy front wing offers high manoeuvrability. It’s been a go-to in the surf for our test riders over the last few months. The small size still offers a huge amount of lift with superior pump and glide for a wing of its size. For winging, this has proven to be incredible; offering tight turns in the pocket as well as lightning speed in the straight line. For the heavier rider this wing may not be the best option, not to say our bigger riders haven’t been enjoying it.

The 860R High Modulus hydrofoil is a larger version of the 770R, and it offers even more stability and low-end performance. It is a great choice for riders who want to push the limits of downwind foiling in terms of distance and racing. The 860R is perfect for riders who want to go on long downwind runs or race. The 860R will keep you comfortable through long races and help you preserve energy.

Here are some of the key features of the 860R High Modulus hydrofoil:

  • Extra stability and low-end performance
  • Perfect for long downwind runs
  • Good choice for heavier, intermediate riders even in lighter conditions.

Brief Details of the brand below 

The Code Team

Australian-owned and designed since 2022. All four of us share the same passion for flying above the water and are out there testing gear daily so we can produce the best hydrofoils in the world.

Incredible Range And Versatility For Any Foiling Discipline

We have built a range of foils that are simple to understand. Each wing has the same profile, you only need to adjust the size based on your weight or ability. Our products are made to the highest standards with the best materials available. All components come with well-designed cases and all bolts required.

Front Wings

Code Foils offers two series of hydrofoil front wings that are designed to give you the performance and versatility you need for any foiling adventure. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, Code Foils has a wing that’s perfect for you. Both ranges are scaled to match your weight and ability.

S Series: The S Series is the ultimate all-around front wing. It’s perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike, and it can be used for a variety of foiling disciplines, including prone, wing, SUP, and downwind. The S Series is known for its early lift, smooth handling, and incredible range.

R Series: The R Series is designed for the growing discipline of downwind foiling. Comfort, glide, speed and efficiency have all been carefully considered in the design of the R series.

No matter what your foiling goals are, Code Foils has a wing that’s perfect for you. Explore our S Series and R Series wings today and find the perfect wing to take your foiling to the next level.



If you would like to demo either of these code foils front wings please reach out to us - we are based in Swansea and have access to a Takuma Etow for testing purposes

JOB - Digital Creator for Hydrofoiling Shop and School

We need your help to help make a better connection with the foiling community in Wales and beyond /

Click here for Content Creator - Foil

Position: Digital Creator for Hydrofoiling Shop and School

Based: Office in swansea / out on shoots on Welsh coast.


Join our dynamic workplace as a Content Creator for our Hydrofoiling & SUP Shop and School. We are a leading establishment that specialises in hydrofoil equipment sales, lessons, and rentals. As a Content Creator, you will play a crucial role in developing engaging and compelling content to showcase our products, highlight our lessons, and promote our hydrofoiling community.

more about us here find out more about us


  • Content Creation:
    • Produce high-quality visual and written content for our website, social media platforms, and marketing materials
    • Create captivating videos, tutorials, and guides to showcase hydrofoil products, lessons, and rental experiences.
  • Social Media Management:
    • Manage and grow our social media presence by developing and executing a content calendar.
    • Engage with the International / UK hydrofoiling community, respond to comments, and foster a positive online environment.
  • Photography and Videography:
    • Capture stunning images and videos of hydrofoil products in action, lessons, and rental experiences.
    • Edit and enhance multimedia content to maintain a polished and professional aesthetic.
  • Collaboration:
    • Collaborate with the owner to align content creation with overall brand strategy.
    • Coordinate with hydrofoil instructors and shop staff to gather insights and create authentic content.
  • Content Strategy:
    • Develop and implement a content strategy with owner that aligns with business goals, emphasising product sales, lesson bookings, and community engagement.
  • Stay Current:
    • Stay abreast of industry trends, new hydrofoil technologies, and content creation best practices to ensure our content remains innovative and relevant.


  • Proven experience in content creation, preferably in the water sports or outdoor recreation industry.
  • Proficient in photography, videography, and video editing software.

(photoshop / final cut / Youtube / instagram etc)

  • Strong understanding of social media platforms and trends.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Passion for hydrofoiling and water sports
  • Creative / eye for detail 
  • Highly motivated 
  • Full Driving licence 


  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience.
  • Initial contract for 2-3 days a week Extension possible for right candidate .
  • Opportunity for skill development and career advancement.
  • Discounts on hydrofoil products, lessons, and rentals.
  • Work in a vibrant and supportive team environment.

How to Apply:

If you are passionate about hydrofoiling and possess the skills to create compelling content, we would love to hear from you.

Please submit your digital portfolio, and a brief cover letter outlining your relevant experience and enthusiasm for the role to

[[email protected]]

References: Personal & Professional please 

 Deadline for Application: [January 15th/2024  ]


Click here for PDF Content Creator - Foil

Reason for Gen 2 Foil drive


So the hype is still lighting up the internet with many riders experience the thrills of Foil drive Gen 2 

Here we link to a few movies you may or may not have seen detailing the various uses for the product 

For Wing foil use - Foil drive Gen 2 


Downwind - For those keen to venture into the deep blue and use Gen 2 for Foil downwinding for More Conditions & Safety and Reliability 



Surf foiling - Hybrid foil your way out the lineup and pick off the bump you want ...ride it in to shore and then squeeze the trigger to power back out for another 



If you live  by a inland lake or by a estuary - Foil drive Wake Thieving on boat wakes is a hoot !




For information and ordering - call us on 07799 062447 

Alternatively , These videos got you keen enough you just want to Green light it ..!

Book your place in the queue ...

Pre order FOIL DRIVE MAX Gen 2 

Pre order FOIL DRIVE Slim Gen 2 

Why the Foildrive Gen 2 Will Revolutionise Surfing and Hydrofoiling







Hydrofoiling and surfing have always stood at the nexus of innovation and tradition, perpetually evolving yet deeply rooted in their core essence. However, a groundbreaking product is set to redefine what we know about both sports: The foil drive Generation 2 "Assist max & Assist slim "

In this piece, we will delve into the remarkable features of this innovative product and explore why it promises to be a game-changer in the realms of surfing and hydrofoiling.


The Dock-Start Dilemma: A Barrier to Entry

One of the most pressing challenges that hydrofoilers face, particularly those using non-powered boards, is the "Dock-Start Dilemma." Traditional hydrofoil boards, despite offering sublime manoeuvrability and carving abilities, require a dock or towing for initial launch. This limitation has often confined hydrofoiling to specific locations and conditions. 

The "Dock-Start Dilemma" refers to the challenge that riders face when using lighter, non-powered hydrofoil pump boards that typically require a dock or similar structure for initial take-off. Unlike heavier, powered foil boards that can start in open water, these lighter boards often need a dock for launching or must be towed into the swell to catch waves and generate lift. This necessity limits the locations where one can hydrofoil, as not all water bodies have docks or are conducive for towing.

The dilemma exists because while lighter hydrofoil boards offer superior manoeuvrability and a more authentic surf experience, their limitations in terms of starting conditions make them less accessible for everyday use. Powered foil boards solve this issue by providing the needed thrust for open-water take-offs but often compromise on the natural surf feel due to their added weight.

Therefore, a powered foil board that offers the agility and surf-like experience of a non-powered board while also allowing for open-water starts addresses the Dock-Start Dilemma, giving riders the best of both worlds. The new Foil Drive Gen 2 ingeniously navigates this dilemma, providing the ease of open-water starts without the need for external aid.

The choices for this new product exist in how much battery you choose to require -  Max or Slim batteries at product launch and then a further 2 batteries in early 2024 .

What board and foil you ride is down to you. You could be picking up a complete setup which weighs less than 10kg !

Weighs of the new Foil Drive Gen2 Batteries are as follows

Foil Drive Gen2 Max Battery weighs - 2.7kg

Foil Drive Gen2 Sport Battery weighs - 1.9kg

Foil Drive Gen2  Endurance  Battery weighs - 1.46kg

Foil Drive Gen2 Performance  Battery weighs -1.07kg

A Perfect Fusion of Power and Finesse

Until now, surfers and hydrofoilers had to make a choice: opt for the natural, surf-like experience of a non-powered board or embrace the convenience of an e-foil's motorised thrust. The powered foildrive unit with its slim Fully IP68 Waterproof batteries removes this trade-off by placing the unit under the riders feet, offering a perfect amalgamation of agility and power. Riders can now "chip" into even the smallest swell, transitioning smoothly to unassisted pumping and carving, all without losing or feeling any additional weight so the authentic surf feel is retained.


Unlocking Uncharted Territories

Traditional hydrofoil boards and even some e-foils have their limitations when it comes to the range of conditions they can handle. However, the new foildrive Assist models with Max or slim give unique capabilities allowing riders to access swells and waves previously deemed unrideable or non-breaking. It's not just a board; it's a passport to uncharted territories and limitless possibilities in wave riding.

The Democratisation of Hydrofoiling

The arrival of this product not only addresses the needs of experienced riders but also lowers the entry barriers for newcomers. Its intuitive design and powered assist make it easier to learn hydrofoiling, thus democratising access to this exhilarating sport.


Sustainability and Long-Term Viability

An added layer to this narrative is the potential for increased sustainability. As technology advances, the efficiency of the motors and battery life in powered foil boards will likely improve, offering a more eco-friendly option to traditional power boats or jet skis used for towing. 

If you already own a jetski and have a tow buddy …great , but what if the conditions are all time and you have the time to go , but your tow partner is busy or away.

This FoilDrive gen 2 positions itself at the forefront of a sustainable future for water sports.




The new Generation2 foil drive assist stands poised to disrupt the status quo, promising to be the catalyst for a new era in surfing and hydrofoiling. 

By addressing long-standing limitations and seamlessly merging the advantages of both powered and non-powered boards, it offers an unparalleled riding experience. For enthusiasts and newcomers alike, this isn't just a step forward; it's a quantum leap. Prepare to redefine your boundaries and expand your horizons, for the future of surfing and hydrofoiling has arrived.






words by Matt barker smith

Axis spitfire

Imagine a dedicated surf foiling wing, tailored specifically for those passionate about surfing and looking to take their wave riding to the next level. If you're like us, you've spent countless hours envisioning a wing that effortlessly navigates turns, instills confidence as you drop in, and offers a smooth and predictable lift onto the foil. Not only should it handle breaches with ease, but it should encourage and enhance your wave-riding experience. Each wave presents a unique challenge - sometimes requiring a burst of speed, while other times demanding a slow and controlled approach to stay on the foil. What if there was a wing that allowed you to forget about technicalities and focus solely on the sheer joy of riding? Well, the wait is finally over. Allow us to introduce the AXIS Spitfire.

This remarkable wing stands out with its distinctive elliptical outline, straight median line, and a noticeable absence of aggressive turndown through the tips. Its moderate chord lengths smoothly taper from the center to the tips, facilitating precise and predictable turning maneuvers. Furthermore, the reduced foil thickness enhances its top-end performance, perfectly complementing the increased chord lengths that provide effortless low-end lift.

It's worth noting that many of these exceptional qualities are shared by the renowned ARTPRO Range of wings. In fact, the knowledge gained during the development of that line greatly influenced the creation of the Spitfire, making it a truly remarkable product.

Throughout the rigorous development process, the Axis Spitfire has been put to the test. The smaller sizes offer explosive speed and exhilarating turning capabilities, while the larger sizes are perfect for smaller wave spots and accommodate larger riders. The versatility of the Spitfire front wings allows for seamless transitions between various disciplines, including prone foiling, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), winging, wake foiling, downwind foiling, lake pumping, and kite foiling.

In essence, the AXIS Spitfire is designed to do it all. It's the ultimate companion for any water enthusiast seeking an unforgettable foiling experience, whether it's riding waves or exploring calm waters. So why wait? Get your hands on the AXIS Spitfire and unlock a new realm of foiling possibilities.


Get one today - BUY AXIS SPITFIRE 

Downwinding with Foil drive



Foil drive downwinding in the UK 

Little run from our Shop rider Kevin Riley who is based on the south coast near Bognor regis

On this day Kevin used the  F -ONE 1290 eagle 

How old are you and how fit would you say you are ? 48 years old Fairly fit but not a gym person fit

Conditions : Easterly about 15ish knots - Small swell about knee high

Location So this run was from Elmer beach to Bognor yacht club.

Finished this with 55% battery left, More throttle and pumping than normal but still loads of fun.

I was Feeling good after So I had another 45mins outside the club with my other 2 batteries

Have you done any shorter distances for DW ..or did you just send it ?

I’ve done plenty of blasts upwind 200m or so and just rode the swell back.

Equipment used 

Board setup is a 4.6 f-one 33 litre

1290 eagle xxs fues and 210dw - 1290 glides amazing but turns so well for that size foil. 


If you are interested in Foildrive in the UK please get in touch with us .

We are based in Swansea south wales and have Demo foil drives and great foil downwinding locations a stones throw from the shop .

Takuma Foil Assist


This week Takuma announced a new product...Takuma Foil Assist 

An interesting concept from Takuma who have really pushed hard into the Battery operated foiling arena with their Cruising and Carving

e foil boards and Recently the Takuma Etow .

Pitching the product against many e-foil and assist foil brands - we can only leave you with these pictures , it seems like a battery integrated into the fuselage with jet propulsion as the form of assist whereas others in this space favour propellors.


One thing to note is this concept favours Using Takuma own front foils. 

Until we get more detail about this new product we'll wait with excitement !



Axis DW foil boards


The AXIS Downwind boards are high-performance boards designed for experienced downwind paddlers. These boards are inspired by Hawaiian-style downwind boards and feature a sleek, narrow design with proven rocker lines. The prominent chines on the boards allow the tail to sink easily and work in combination with the straight, elongated outline to keep the board tracking in a straight line. This unique design makes paddling up onto foil far easier, even in choppy waters.

The AXIS Downwind carbon foilboards are specifically designed for dedicated downwind enthusiasts, making it perfect for overcoming the biggest challenge of downwinding: getting up on the foil. The long, skinny design of these boards provides a distinct advantage. If you ever touch down, getting back up is a breeze thanks to the reduced drag resistance of the narrow outline. Additionally, the takeoff is unparalleled due to the unique shape and rocker design.

Constructed with EPS core, full carbon, and a tough PVC sandwich layer on the EVA deck area only, these boards are built to be incredibly light, ensuring optimized performance. The AXIS Downwind carbon foilboards are the ultimate dedicated DW boards for AXIS in 2023, providing a smooth and thrilling ride for downwind enthusiasts.

Limited Availability here

Takuma Kujira 2

More info to come

Come a demo the 1100 / 1250 / 1400 Kujira 2 in south Wales