Takuma Efoil

Takuma concept dropped a big fish recently so to speak, at the SURF EXPO in Florida by announcing their latest product into the line of evolving Hydrofoil products.

Already founding an extensive range of hydrofoils and boards into the surf, sup and kite market, this is an exciting product from Takuma concept

The Takuma E foil Electric Foil board is hand controlled by a remote which allows the user to control the speed of the motor, the rider then adjusts their weight to stay in pitch and glide effortlessly across the surface ..no matter what the surface conditions are 

We cant wait to have a go at this electric foil boarding 

TAKUMA // FILM SITE from ORES Group on Vimeo.

The eTakuma concept has a modular design which means the board can be changed for use for various forms of foiling.


  • E-FOIL - using the motor for propulsion
  • SURF FOIL - use the wave for propulsion
  • SUP FOIL - use the wave/ paddle  for propulsion
  • WAKE FOIL - use the boat/ wake  for propulsion
  • KITE FOIL -use the kite for propulsion

Some really innovative features include the following


Speed ranges from 8km - 30km/h which is max speed of 18mph !



Takuma's team have developed a unique innovation around the E-foil cooling system.Our “WATAIR COOL” system in Anodized Aluminium is specifically designed and patented with BB Talkin who specialize in waterproof Bluetooth connectivity devices.

The Water/air cool system will cool down the ESC both on water and in the air, allowing for an optimal management of the electric system temperatures. 

What this means... Batteries get really hot and they have looked to manage this by designing this functioning feature

Learn more about this in this image here  - http://etakuma.com/pdf/E-TAKUMA_WATAIR_COOL.pdf


On water, battery autonomy is between 45 and 75 minutes, depending on surface water conditions and your experience level. Our product has built-in Samsung Lithium  batteries, the same system used by TESLA cars, the SAMSUNG 48V/35A

So we'll keep you updated as this new efoil comes to market...if your are interested in ordering one this is possible  


Reserve yours today ... £5999 GBP - email us at [email protected]

Fanatic SKY surf foil board

So we have our hands on the new 5'6 Fanatic Sky surf foil board !

Here is what Fanatic have to say... 

The Sky Surf brings foiling to the wave face in its purest form! Our new dedicated foil surfboard lets you catch waves earlier, glide on ocean swells and carve powerful turns on the smallest of waves.

With its compact shape and relatively high volume the Sky Surf is designed to be super easy to paddle and an absolute ripper on the wave. Offered in three sizes, both with stacks of volume, they are the perfect platform for all levels of foil surfing.

By keeping the board short, wide and light the Sky Surf is extremely responsive underfoot and offers a huge amount of performance on the wave. Its reduced length allows it to fit easily on the wave face and gives scope for radical turns on even the smallest of waves.

Unique features such as the double concave deck, adjustable foil mount and channel bottom give this dedicated foil surfboard the necessary magic to boost performance and stand out from the competition.

Official dims of this range

4'10 x 20 - 33 litres

5'2 x 21 - 42 litres

5'6 x 22 - 51 litres (on test and in photos) 

We'll be testing this board on the cable and in the waves.... so check back soon !

Buy this board here Fanatic Sky surf foil board


These are links to some other foiling articles we have written , we hope you find them useful !






What to expect from Us !

We fallen in love and what to share the stoke and passion of foiling, so with that in mind were about to embark on a field of video reviews of boards , foils, leashes, mounts ...anything which makes foiling easier or more fun or helps you get to grips with it !

Here is a list of what to expect soon 

Fanatic SKY SUP 7'0 x 31.5

Fanatic SKY surf 5'6 x 22 board

Go foil Maliko 200 , Maliko 280 , Iwa 180, Kai 120

Axis 92 , Axis 102 foils

Takuma v400 & V900

Neil Pryde Glide surf

Foil mount Tuttle to plate adapter

ION SUP core safety coiled Hip belt leash

Watch this space !

Neil Pryde - GLIDE SURF foil

Neil Pryde have been servicing the windsurf foiling trend for a year or so now and the Newly anticipated 'Glide surf ' foils are about to drop .

Andy Chambers of Neil Pryde popped by The SUP Hut to show us the foil .

First Impressions - A lightweight hybrid foil with a super stiff aluminium mast and fuselage and G10 wings. Featuring a really nice inter changeable board mounting system so no matter which system you prefer  (track mount or Tuttle) you're sorted for fixing to your board. The NEIL PRYDE GLIDE SURF Large has a 1600cm2 front wing which is fantastic for Surf foiling for the heavier rider or for lighter riders who may want to try SUP foil downwinding. Titanium bolt hardware, whats not to like ......!

The NP:GLIDE SURF is an exceptionally durable high-performance modular Aluminium/ G10 surf foil designed with emphasis on control, stability and early take-off.

Available in 3 wing sizes Small / medium and Large at 1612cm2.

Large wing 1612cm2

Medium wing 1225cm2

Small wing 1032cm2

We will have stock of these and a demo - the pricing is also very competitive for a large foil wing (1612cm2) with this setup and features .

To order you Neil Pryde glide surf  foil click here BUY NEIL PRYDE GLIDE SURF FOIL

In our opinion these are some of the best priced foils on the market for what you get ...Definitely worth considering !

Hydrofoil FAQ

So you’ve been doing a little research and now you’re utterly confused as to what might be a suitable foil for your entry into this new incarnation of ‘I must now fly on water’

Getting the right foil might be a simple decision such as ‘how much you can afford’ but making sure the foil you do decide on reflects what you want to do with it.

If you are a heavier rider  90kg+ wanting small wave performance you’ll want to look at hydrofoils with bigger front wings , have a look at the pictures below.

These detail a Particular brands biggest wing of the previous year to its biggest production model of 2018 (quite a difference )

In fact if downwind swell catching/riding are your thing …the bigger the better so you can literally soar like the Albatross.



hydrofoil which mimics the classic aeroplane wing will generate the most speed and lift, however lots of foils have downturned wingtips in the front wing.

Downturned wingtips mean the foil loses a little lift and speed but aids the wings turning radius without risk of breaching the surface or ‘ventilating’ (nerdy technical term) like a flat wing can do. Therefore most of the guys you will see surfing on foils will tend to favour downturned wingtips but this is not always the case.

You may note how thick some foils are , this aids in smooth lift at low speeds (ie you paddling into a wave)

This is why you will see lots of brands using similar designs in the front wing (wide depth and curved down wingtips). Some wings will have more depth (low aspect ratio) and this will characteristically mean very good lift at lower speeds, however the turning will effect pitch and roll. A mid aspect ratio wing delivers stability in both pitch and roll, which is vital for confident wave riding but a little harder to get going at lower speeds if the wing is not thick.

Tail stabilizer wing

Most people think that the front wing is the most important and you may disregard the rear stabilizer as not being particularly important however it is what most brands are working on the most.
Its a 50% – 50% mix with the right balance
Depending on the stabilizer profile, shape, angle, size, your foil can react completely differently with : speed, pumping, accessibility, manoeuvrability and stability.
The surface area and volume of the front wing changes massively from brand to brand. These variables mean The tail stabilizer has to work perfectly with the front wing and clean up any turbulent flow from the mast and fuselage to minimize disruption of stability.
Anhedral wings  i.e wingtips which are downturned like the red tail wing above resist yaw better than flat wings, making them more stable.

We hope you found this post informative and don’t hesitate to get in contact if you’re thinking seriously about joining the SUP /surf  foiling crew in your area and maybe blazing your own path !

We have foils and boards available and install boxes if you choose to retro fit to an existing board which your local shaper can help you with .

Foiling wing sizes explained

I thought I would take the opportunity to start to build a library of front wing sizes for quick reference. As foiling advances forward riders are wanting different performance characteristics and therefore most brands now offer a selection of wing sizes.

The first foil you buy is important as it has to be suitable for your use...like deciding on the right size surfboard.  

Quick guide – remember this is based on a starting wing size for the appropriate weight in kg being pulled by a boat at 7 knots minimum – 10 knots maximum or surfing waves in the 2-3ft size range. As you progress and want to venture into bigger or even smaller conditions the wing size can change dramatically.The bigger the wing size, the more lift is generally achieved but a bigger wing has more drag than a smaller wing so bigger is not always better . There will be times when you could feel ‘over winged’ and the foil generates too much speed and lift and vice versa – foiling therefore requires careful riding and trimming to avoid wing breaches and wipeouts !

Bigger waves/ speed = smaller foils

Smaller waves/ speed = larger foils

This is a general size guide for those looking to get into surf or SUP foiling

Rider size 50kg -  1000cm2 + average wing size

Rider size 70-80 kg -  1200cm2 + average wing size

Rider size 90-100 kg -  1400cm2 - 1800cm2 average wing size

Rider size 100-110kg +  1600cm2 - 2000cm2 +average wing size


Naish Thrust M : 1032cm2 Naish Thrust L : 1235cm2 Naish Thrust XL : 1572cm2

KENALU 580 : 1084cm2 KENALU 775 : 1496cm2 KENALU 970 : 1994cm2

GOFOIL : 1200cm2 Kai GOFOIL : 1600cm2 Maliko GOFOIL : 1800cm2 IWA GOFOIL : 2000cm2 Maliko GOFOIL : 2800cm2 Maliko

Takuma V50 : 1004 cm2 Takuma V100 : 1245cm2 Takuma V400 : 1389cm2 Takuma V900 : 1968 cm2

AXIS 102 - 2051cm2 actual area / projected 2013cm2

AXIS 92 - 1852cm2 actual area / projected 1816cm2

AXIS 82 - 1528 cm2 actual area / projected 1443cm2

Cloud 9 P27 : 1406cm2

Cloud 9 S24: 1126cm2

Fanatic S1 1024cm2

Fanatic Aero 1500cm2

For Downwinding in ocean swell and depending on your experience the bigger the better for beginners, whereas as yo progress you can get up and foiling with a smaller wing.

Happy foilers taking a coffee break on one of our foiling clinics


For beginners a shorter mast is advisable and a wider board also more stable especially if learning behind a boat in choppy conditions , for slower speeds learning on bigger wing of 2000cm2 + will generally get a 95kg rider up in 5-7knots …perfect for learning the basics.


Thanks – Matt

If you are interested in Foiling I would highly recommend getting in contact with us as specialist Foil suppliers. Give us a call on 01792 446511

Learning to Foil

We love foiling and have developed plenty of knowledge on how best to introduce newbies to the sport.

If you are keen to get amongst it but have held off because you've seen the cost of the equipment or heard frightening stories of "its dangerous'' !

Using a flat body of water and with help from our Straight line cable wakeboard system we can help you get to grips with how the Hydrofoils work and

demo some of the equipment coming to market from (Go Foil , Takuma concept, Axis, Naish , Neil Pryde, Ke Nalu and Fanatic)

No matter what discipline you are wanting to eventually master - Surfing, downwinding or flat water foiling, at our Llanelli facility @gowakeboarding

we can make a start !

More information on Booking for our 2 hour clinic is here LEARN TO FOIL