James Casey - downwind footage

So it seems Downwind foiling has evolved from being a niche specialist endeavor to now emerging into the mainstream market with more than a few brands developing boards.


We have been keeping an eye on these developments and just received a batch of SUNOVA CASEY AVIATOR SUP BOARDS 

James Casey has been developing these alongside Marcus Tardrew with Sunova , and after achieving 213km in 11.18 hours these boards have more than been proven they work .

Watch about this outstanding James Casey Downwind adventure here .


Anyway more about The boards - These are available in Two models - The Pro range and the Elite range

which technically is a more accessible and then narrow type of board depending how extreme you want to go for paddling speed and ease of getting up on foil. 

Board pictured is a 6'6 x 19.5 - 84 litre custom model - which can be ordered for a 10% additional charge 

WE have stock - Check out which Sunova Aviator downwind SUP foil board models we have Here 


Check out this recent movie of James Casey riding in Australia 



Takuma - First self-controlled electric towing watercraft

A totally new way to experience infinite freedom, with the eTow you are in complete control of where you ride. This must-have electric pod will tow you anywhere you want to go.

MORE DETAILS HERE - https://takuma.com/en/content/12-etow?mc_cid=e22e893245&mc_eid=35738da1c9



Pre order Takuma-e-tow

Extend your playground

Explore unknown spots and discover new sensations. The eTow allows you to go out on your own in any conditions. If you are riding a wave, you can direct the eTow with your remote to come and pick you up.  


From flat water to open ocean swell. Riding in all types of conditions and bodies of water is no problem with the eTow, as it's designed with optimized proportions to self-right automatically in case of capsizing.  

Smooth and consistent pull

Works as an extension of your arm and allows for easy maneuverability. Riding, controlling and progressing have never been easier. The eTow is very intuitive to maneuver and although equipped with a powerful engine it offers a very soft and consistent pull.  

Minimum effort

Minimum maintenance required and easy to operate. Compared to a jetski and similar watercraft the eTow requires very low maintenance, is easy to launch in water and very simple to operate.  

Safe and easy to use

Operating the eTow is very intuitive and allows for anybody to have fun with it.  

Double battery

The eTow is using 2x 5,5 Kw batteries which are compatible with your Takuma Efoil.  

Twin jet propulsion

The eTow is powered by two jet propulsions unified in a V jet system. The powerful V jet system delivers an extremely smooth and consistent pull even at high speed. This, coupled with an innovative aquadynamic shape it, the eTow delivers the best progressive and efficient foil take-off.  

Autonomy & Speed

The eTow is designed to give you full autonomy from 60 to 85 minutes And up to 45km/h.  

Rider remote

A completely new way to ride, it can be directly controlled by the rider using a small handheld remote and can also be controlled by an instructor with a more heavy duty coach remote* , making it the best way to learn foiling, give lessons and progress with. *With generic compatible remotes, you can control the eTow in a distance of up to 1,5km.

60 to 85 minutes


Up to 45km/h


Twin jet propulsion

Power 2x5,5kw

Up to 600m

Rider remote control*

Takuma Helium 1200

Takuma Helium 1200

Maximum fun on and off the waves

Large range of use
from light to strong wind, small to big waves, flat to waves.

Incredibly predictable lift
that allows for easy take-off and low stall speed.

Extremely agile and playful
perfect for fun carving and playing in waves.

Impressive acceleration
and plenty of glide make this wing great fun to ride on.

Full set comes with: 175 back wing and HD mast 80cm



Available to pre order here -takuma-helium-1200



First Impressions :


AXIS B-Series - Advance Fuselage - Ultra Short Length - 640mm

AXIS B-Series - Advance Fuselage - Silly Short Length - 560mm

AXIS B-Series - Advance Fuselage - Crazy Short Length - 600mm


AXIS s-Series - Advance Fuselage - Ultra Short Length - 640mm

AXIS s-Series - Advance Fuselage - Short Length - 675mm

AXIS s-Series - Advance Fuselage - Crazy Short Length - 600mm

Buy Red series Axis Advance fuselage here 

I usually use the ultrashort on both red and black fuses but recently used all three advance fuses. I'll be doing a video to review them all properly on my YouTube channel as soon as I can but at the moment my impressions of the advance fuses are as follows:
I immediately loved them. They transform the maneuverability and feel of all the foils I've used with them so far, which includes the HPS 1050 & 980, BSC 890, ART 1099 & 899. Before i go any further i want to refer to the pictures I included where I have placed the normal black ultrashort fuse next to the advance fuses. I have highlighted the position of the mast slot and the stabiliser bolt holes in yellow for the advance fuses and in blue for the standard ultrashort fuse so you can see clearly how they differ. As I'm sure you all know, the mast slot is 40cm further forward in the advance fuses. What this means is that the length of the fuse behind the mast is longer in the advance fuses compared to their equivalent sizes of ultra and crazy short. As a result this gives added stability - IMO the advance ultrashort is no harder to use for anything (pumping, getting on foil, pitch control, upwind performance, etc) compared to the normal ultrashort fuse, but what you do get is a lovely surfy feel - it loosens up each foil you use it with by increasing how quickly and easily it moves from rail to rail AND how tight you can turn, but without any issues of feeling squirrely at the back end.

I never felt like there was a loss of control at all. As you go progressively shorter in the advance range from ultra to crazy to silly short you gain more of that loose feeling at the back (which really does translate into a lovely surfy feel) but slightly, and I emphasise only VERY slightly - the smaller you go it becomes slightly harder to get on foil for winging, (but at the same time this slightly gentler lift actually helps catching bigger, faster waves when prone foiling). You might lose a tiny bit of upwind ability, but tbh I'm undecided on this - because there are so many variables each session i need to do more testing to be sure if this is correct. I don't think you lose any pump power either, it's just a different feel that you have to get used to and dial in, atm i can only describe the difference as needing a slightly faster frequency of pump, and maybe slightly shallower, or a less deep pump, but bear in mind these are my first impressions as I haven't had time to dial them in completely yet.

Pitch control becomes slightly more sensitive as you go shorter, but after three sessions of winging with the sillyshort advance fuse on the ART 899 & P300 stab now i rarely notice it, in fact I think it's helped my foiling. This is my favourite setup now and I can't see myself going back to the standard black fuses.
I'm going to disagree with a few people's opinions on high speed stability because i think they are MORE stable when riding fast down the line and carving on the wave face. Maybe they are less stable when winging in a straight line on flat water, but that's not my bag so I don't know - I'm usually recovering when i hack upwind (hooked into a harness) after a long stretch of downwinding so I'm not trying to break any speed records.😂

Who are the Axis advance fuses for?
I would describe myself as an intermediate level foiler (I'm not at the level of a pro rider by a million miles) but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the advance fuses are to use, and how much enjoyment they added to what was already an amazing foiling experience. I wouldn't advise a total beginner to get one as part of their first setup, and I totally get that some people will still prefer the more user friendly and controlled feel of the standard fuses, but if you want a looser feel then the advance fuses will unlock a new level of reactivity and response from your existing foils. For me i definitely feel they have improved the performance of every foil I've used them with, most notably turning the ARTs into my favourite downwinding foils to my favourite foils for EVERYTHING, bar none!!!!!

Oh yeah, when using the advance fuses you'll need to move your mast about 3 - 4 cm further forward in the tracks from the position you normally have each foil.

Written by Dominic Hoskyns

Sunova Downwind foil boards


So there are a few trail blazers across the UK following the hardest of foil disciplines  'Downwind SUP foil' How do i know ?

I've either just heard about them or spoken to them. The one thing about SUP downwind foiling at the very start is ..you don't talk about it! ...its hard and without failure you don't get better. However 'they' and myself included  are progressing and with progress comes better equipment. Boards for SUP foiling are very niche ...but it seems there are more of us than we think...so if you are treading that path and want to froth or like the look of these new Downwind foil specific boards from Sunova - Reach out to us !

 Here is some more info 

NEW Sunova casey. foil range
Working with one of the best foilers and designers in the world enables you to lead the charge and be at the forefront of design and functionality. Putting our position to use sunova has updated the entire casey. foil range for 2023. Months of testing have led to updated shapes throughout the range and the addition of 2 brand new downwind specific models. Longer boxes throughout the range enable the boards to work no matter what foil setup the user prefers.

As above with the casey. boards, all dedicated SUNOVA foil boards will come standard with 14” boxes enabling a larger usage range for all.

The range listed below - Get in touch for more details and ordering (the wait is long! )

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 6'0" x 23" x 5 1/8" @90.2L / TR3Tec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 6'3" x 24" x 5 5/16" @101.1L / TR3Tec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 6'6" x 25" x 5 9/16" @114.5L / TR3Tec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 6'9" x 26" x 5 3/4" @128.3L / TR3Tec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 7'0" x 27" x 5 15/16" @143.0L / TR3Tec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 6'0" x 23" x 5 1/8" @90.2L / XXXTec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 6'3" x 24" x 5 5/16" @101.1L / XXXTec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 6'6" x 25" x 5 9/16" @114.5L / XXXTec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 6'9" x 26" x 5 3/4" @128.3L / XXXTec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Pro 7'0" x 27" x 5 15/16" @143.0L / XXXTec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Elite 6'0" x 20" x 5 1/4" @80.1L / TR3Tec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Elite 6'3" x 21" x 5 3/8" @90.1L / TR3Tec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Elite 6'6" x 21 3/4" x 5 9/16" @99.9L / TR3Tec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Elite 6'9" x 22 1/2" x 5 3/4" @111.4L / TR3Tec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Elite 6'0" x 20" x 5 1/4" @80.1L / XXXTec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Elite 6'3" x 21" x 5 3/8" @90.1L / XXXTec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Elite 6'6" x 21 3/4" x 5 9/16" @99.9L / XXXTec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes 

SUNOVA | casey. SUP Foil Aviator Downwind Elite 6'9" x 22 1/2" x 5 3/4" @111.4L / XXXTec / futures. - Twin Foil Boxes

Takuma Helium


The Kujira Helium is a real game-changer for new foilers, seasoned riders and anyone who’s looking for that one foil that does it all;
wing riding in all conditions, prone foiling, SUP foiling, and downwind riding.
With a carbon composite construction and lightweight helium foam core, the Kujira Helium is the most cost-effective/user-friendly performance foil currently on the market.The new smooth-edged winglets have been designed to be more efficient and less aggressive. The Kujira Helium’s medium size and medium aspect ratio fit the full range of riders, from lightweight to heavyweight, it is suited for everyone no matter your size and level.
Delivering an impressive early take-off and huge glide potential, the Kujira Helium is stable and intuitive to control. It is capable of maintaining altitude even at super low speed. You will experience smooth, controlled manoeuvres, consistent even as you increase your velocity. The Kujira Helium has a really natural power control that delivers a feeling of auto-stability making it extremely easy to learn new manoeuvres such as jibes and tacks.

Kujira Helium 1500 - BUY HERE
- Lightweight, versatile and robust
- Impressive early take-off and huge glide
- Stable and intuitive to control
- Capable of maintaining altitude at super low speed
- Smooth, controlled maneuvers, consistent even as you increase your velocity
- Really natural power control
- Feeling of auto-stability makes it extremely easy to learn new maneuvers

Set includes:
Front Wing 1750 or 1500 front wing 
Back Wing 218
Mast 75cm
Fuselage 70cm
Screw set
Travel case

Kujira Helium 1750- BUY HERE 
- Performance in light wind
- Great power control, playful and fun
- Easy progressive takeoff
- Fast in the turns
- Good acceleration without too much lift
- Perfect for beginners and progressing
- Very easy to handle and tolerant
- Excellent performance in light wind, a real session saver in under 15kts conditions

Takuma RS wing

RS wing Our master wing Born from the collaboration of legendary master sail designer Robert Stroj.

Enhance your performance.

• Fantastic upwind drive, stability and control

• Compact, balanced and ultra reactive

• Simultaneously very forgiving

• Extremely light and stable

• Delivering the perfect balance of power and manoeuvrability

• A super direct control.

• Easy pumping

• Exceptionally durable and resistant


IN STOCK - Takuma-Rs-wing-UK



The Takuma RS 5.1 is as the reviews say, with a truck load of forward drive and a really locked in feel. My front hand is usually at the back of the handle so don't really use the projected part further forward except when I flag from it, and it's really nice for that with the pistol grip. It's the most intuitive of the three sizes, and easy to go really fast!

The Takuma RS 4.3 is a bit more neutral, still hold the back of the front handle, still with a lot of drive but less locked in which is nice for freestyle, and this is my favourite size for that.

The Takuma RS 3.5 is more nuanced in handling in that it's easy to use it without proper air flow over it / slightly stalled, which can be useful when really overpowered.

To really access the full power you need to let the back hand out for a second or two, the airflow then attaches properly, the power really comes on, and you can pull the back hand in again and use that forward drive to go fast. I hold the middle of the front handle on the 3.5 which took a while to figure out. Holding the back of the front handle made the wing really unstable and it bucked all over the place. I had a great wave session with this one a few weeks ago.

IN REVIEW SUMMARY - The Takuma RS wings  all flag out well, their weight is fine, manoeuvrability is good, the flagging handle is nice and they jump well so all in all happy with them. Not missing the boom really now either, except doing aerial rotations where not needing to think where hands need to go is a bit helpful, but not a big deal.

For ordering in the UK please reach out to us email-  [email protected] 

Takuma V2 Cruiser 2022

Updated for 2022

PRICE £6199

The Efoil Cruising 2 is the most accessible Efoil on the market.

The short mast and large wing surface facilitate an easy, stable take-off and effortless glide for all riders. With an innovative board shape and voluminous size, it is suitable for nearly all body types. Strategically placed handles to aid carrying alone or with help and to make it easier to get on the board once in the water.
Hull inserts are specifically designed to attach a handle when used with a trolley for ease of transport to and from the beach.
The Efoil Cruising 2 is designed to make this exhilarating sport as accessible as possible.
It is quick and easy to set up and intuitive to control via the new minimalistic remote.

Completely new remote control design with a built-in secure waterproof housing.

The 1900cm2 front wing offers excellent stability and a lift perfectly suited for first-time riders. With its smooth powerful lift, this foil is developed for calm water riding. 
It is quick to connect and intuitive to use, helping you feel in control from your very first ride. It has an integrated security system that shuts off the remote when it comes in contact with water.

We have radically reduced the size and weight of our ESC making the overall weight of the Efoil much lighter and more efficient, which in turn reduces the battery consumption allowing for longer sessions.The new internal antenna allows for a more consistent Bluetooth connection.

The new sleek and compact propulsion is discreet yet powerful, allowing you to gain speeds of up to 30km/h. With thinner and lighter components it eliminates drag and delivers an ultra-smooth hydrodynamic performance.
In short: - Easy to use and accessible to everyone (even without any prior water sports experience) - A unique board design with a volume and shape suitable for beginners and experts - Improved stability and earlier take-off (gains flight more quickly even at low speed)

- A much more ”reactive” efoil with increased comfort during flight - An ultra-intuitive remote control - You will directly feel the improvements from first use Efoiling is fast, quiet, and emission-free, giving you the exhilarating experience of flying above water with the freedom to ride anywhere at any time, without the need for wind or waves.
Extremely engaging for even the most experienced watersports athletes and simply breathtaking for complete beginners, prepare yourself for an adrenaline-filled new hobby!

Flying time 65 to 90 min (subject to rider weight and level)

Charging time 2h50 (220Vt) 3h20 (110Vt)
Max speed (subject to your weight) 28km/h with the 1900 cm2
Board EPS/Fiberglass top sheet
Carbon wings
Aluminum fuselage + mast
Engine power 3 kw Battery
Li-Ion 43,2V - 25Ah
Aluminum 5 blade  propeller


Board size: 6’3"x30"/150L
Front wing size:1900cm2
Mast size:50cm
Mast & Propulsion :6,6kg

NEW 2022 GO Foils are In!

Froth on ...

The new Go foil line has arrived and been received very very well.

The RS range is acclaimed by those who want to push their speed and carving limits.

The GTs are more accessible and very playful with less wingspan, and the EZs are great for anyone who wants to fly early and well while maintaining great carving.

here are some pictures for some comparisons of the old range 

CHECK OUT WHAT we have https://standuppaddleboarding.co.uk/hydrofoils/hydrofoil-surf-foils/go-foil-hydrofoil-surf-foils



GREAT insider views on some of the new wings

Good paring options - GT 2200 with 20" tail  

Axis rear wings 2022


All new AXIS Progressive Rear Wings – it’s all about the turn.

We obsess over rear wings, almost to the point that it’s a problem. We’ve tried to get professional help but the prototypes just keep getting churned out by our design team on a weekly basis, and we can’t help but test, analyse, pontificate, redesign – and on and on it goes.You may be thinking – why do rear wings matter? Aren’t they just stabilisers to balance the front wing? Well that’s what many thought too – in the very early days. We know that your rear wing can change your life. Okay that’s not quite true, but it will significantly affect the ride characteristics of your whole foil set up.

Progressive   475/68, 450/67, 425/66, 400/65, 375/64, 350/63
You notice the difference in your first carve or gybe.


We got super hooked on the locked in, fast, stable feel of the Speed  380/60 and 420/60 rear wings, and still are for flat water blasting and racing for winging and big, fast waves for foil surfing. But we had a feeling we still had more to give our riders in the turning department. After several iterations and tweaks, the new Progressive 350/63, 375/64, 400/65 and 425/66 rears have delivered it in spades. 

Medium aspect, with a thin foil section and subtle turned down tips, this new design rolls into the turn beautifully, feels fluid and loose, and also grips through the carve and transitions back out the other side with predictable control and positive acceleration. Even intermediate foilers will notice the difference straight away. It’s super well behaved in rough winging conditions (just set and forget) and with the thin foil section it’s still rewardingly quick. The Progressive rear wings will feel like a natural extension of your feet. 

Riders are finding the Progressive rears pair beautifully with our ART high aspect foils in particular, and they’ll work very well with any foil for riders looking to improve their turns and carves. As always, size your Progressive rear wing to your experience and front wing size.  (larger sizes for less experienced riders and larger front wing pairings)


Progressive 425/66, 400/65, 375/64, 350/63 rear wings are available NOW.
Progressive 475/68, 450/67,  rear wings are available end of November.

We can’t wait to see you lay it over and let rip!