foiling - A Thrilling experience

In an ideal world we would all have our favourite surf spots to ourselves ..uncrowded and to catch the waves we want. The reality: the water is busier  and the conditions prey hard on our time. Foiling does not replace surfing it just opens up another water based avenue to those willing to be open minded to what they ride. The ability to hover above the waves with a hydrofoil under your feet is a unique experience! The ability to catch waves by hand remains a core value to surfings true roots.Prone foiling allows the rider to experience the energy of the water better than any other means, you get increased responsiveness and feel the hydrofoil and the exhilaration of the glide.

The potential is limitless…… 

Feel water's energy

Speed is at the essence of how the hydrofoil works effectively in water. Speed can be gained through various forms: Catching waves will allow speed to be gained relatively quickly from ocean energy and therefore lift and flight. From here your perception of what is ridable will change ..even a windy day swell will have you itching to try and foil. Running on a pontoon or dockside for flat water foiling to be achieved is demanding on the body. Needless to say your fitness and the ability to react quickly from the beginning will allow riders to foil on any body of water, getting vital practice in when the waves disappear.

The spot you choose to surf foil should be where no one else really wants to surf – a fat lump of rising swell which may peak and then die off into deeper water.

Here you can learn without fear of hurting others as you try and master the foil beneath your board.


To prone paddle into waves you will want a little more volume in the board to help you paddle and catch bumps and lumps.The smaller the board is the more unique the sensation of flight .The foil if positioned correctly on the board should not have too much drag when you paddle.

Foil size – This usually depends on the riders size and weight

Mast – This again is down to the riders choice , mast of 60cm/ 24″ are normal sizes

Safety equipment – For starting out we recommend a impact vest and helmet.