First Impressions :


AXIS B-Series - Advance Fuselage - Ultra Short Length - 640mm

AXIS B-Series - Advance Fuselage - Silly Short Length - 560mm

AXIS B-Series - Advance Fuselage - Crazy Short Length - 600mm


AXIS s-Series - Advance Fuselage - Ultra Short Length - 640mm

AXIS s-Series - Advance Fuselage - Short Length - 675mm

AXIS s-Series - Advance Fuselage - Crazy Short Length - 600mm

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I usually use the ultrashort on both red and black fuses but recently used all three advance fuses. I'll be doing a video to review them all properly on my YouTube channel as soon as I can but at the moment my impressions of the advance fuses are as follows:
I immediately loved them. They transform the maneuverability and feel of all the foils I've used with them so far, which includes the HPS 1050 & 980, BSC 890, ART 1099 & 899. Before i go any further i want to refer to the pictures I included where I have placed the normal black ultrashort fuse next to the advance fuses. I have highlighted the position of the mast slot and the stabiliser bolt holes in yellow for the advance fuses and in blue for the standard ultrashort fuse so you can see clearly how they differ. As I'm sure you all know, the mast slot is 40cm further forward in the advance fuses. What this means is that the length of the fuse behind the mast is longer in the advance fuses compared to their equivalent sizes of ultra and crazy short. As a result this gives added stability - IMO the advance ultrashort is no harder to use for anything (pumping, getting on foil, pitch control, upwind performance, etc) compared to the normal ultrashort fuse, but what you do get is a lovely surfy feel - it loosens up each foil you use it with by increasing how quickly and easily it moves from rail to rail AND how tight you can turn, but without any issues of feeling squirrely at the back end.

I never felt like there was a loss of control at all. As you go progressively shorter in the advance range from ultra to crazy to silly short you gain more of that loose feeling at the back (which really does translate into a lovely surfy feel) but slightly, and I emphasise only VERY slightly - the smaller you go it becomes slightly harder to get on foil for winging, (but at the same time this slightly gentler lift actually helps catching bigger, faster waves when prone foiling). You might lose a tiny bit of upwind ability, but tbh I'm undecided on this - because there are so many variables each session i need to do more testing to be sure if this is correct. I don't think you lose any pump power either, it's just a different feel that you have to get used to and dial in, atm i can only describe the difference as needing a slightly faster frequency of pump, and maybe slightly shallower, or a less deep pump, but bear in mind these are my first impressions as I haven't had time to dial them in completely yet.

Pitch control becomes slightly more sensitive as you go shorter, but after three sessions of winging with the sillyshort advance fuse on the ART 899 & P300 stab now i rarely notice it, in fact I think it's helped my foiling. This is my favourite setup now and I can't see myself going back to the standard black fuses.
I'm going to disagree with a few people's opinions on high speed stability because i think they are MORE stable when riding fast down the line and carving on the wave face. Maybe they are less stable when winging in a straight line on flat water, but that's not my bag so I don't know - I'm usually recovering when i hack upwind (hooked into a harness) after a long stretch of downwinding so I'm not trying to break any speed records.😂

Who are the Axis advance fuses for?
I would describe myself as an intermediate level foiler (I'm not at the level of a pro rider by a million miles) but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the advance fuses are to use, and how much enjoyment they added to what was already an amazing foiling experience. I wouldn't advise a total beginner to get one as part of their first setup, and I totally get that some people will still prefer the more user friendly and controlled feel of the standard fuses, but if you want a looser feel then the advance fuses will unlock a new level of reactivity and response from your existing foils. For me i definitely feel they have improved the performance of every foil I've used them with, most notably turning the ARTs into my favourite downwinding foils to my favourite foils for EVERYTHING, bar none!!!!!

Oh yeah, when using the advance fuses you'll need to move your mast about 3 - 4 cm further forward in the tracks from the position you normally have each foil.

Written by Dominic Hoskyns