Axis DW foil boards


The AXIS Downwind boards are high-performance boards designed for experienced downwind paddlers. These boards are inspired by Hawaiian-style downwind boards and feature a sleek, narrow design with proven rocker lines. The prominent chines on the boards allow the tail to sink easily and work in combination with the straight, elongated outline to keep the board tracking in a straight line. This unique design makes paddling up onto foil far easier, even in choppy waters.

The AXIS Downwind carbon foilboards are specifically designed for dedicated downwind enthusiasts, making it perfect for overcoming the biggest challenge of downwinding: getting up on the foil. The long, skinny design of these boards provides a distinct advantage. If you ever touch down, getting back up is a breeze thanks to the reduced drag resistance of the narrow outline. Additionally, the takeoff is unparalleled due to the unique shape and rocker design.

Constructed with EPS core, full carbon, and a tough PVC sandwich layer on the EVA deck area only, these boards are built to be incredibly light, ensuring optimized performance. The AXIS Downwind carbon foilboards are the ultimate dedicated DW boards for AXIS in 2023, providing a smooth and thrilling ride for downwind enthusiasts.

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