Foil Mount - Plate adapter universal

So you've bought a Tuttle mount foil and now you realise your board only has US track mounts.

Lots of options on the market but by far the cheapest option and most practical is the GoFoil Deep Tuttle to a 4-bolt adapter plate system.

Made from anodized and CNC high strength aluminIum, 2 retaining bolts hold your tuttle foil securely in the adapter plate. It's also is just under 1.5lbs /700 grams weight empty and uses counter sunk holes for the 4-bolt system so you won't have any bolt walking on you.

Standard 90 mm measurement which is a side to side measurement of the holes.

The front and back holes are 160mm apart, front to back.

ALUMINIUM GoFoil Adapter plate made by Foilmount - BUY HERE 


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