Just Keep at it - Foilsurfing

Confessions of a North Cornwall Foil club member - aka Ollypop

I have been kept up to date with a goods friends foil surfing progress or lack of as he calls it ... Just keep at it Olly !

  1. Most important - keep your trunk twisted so you're facing forward. If you do all your natural corrections will be front to back. If your ass is sticking out you won't have pitch control and all your automatic movements will make you weight one side of the wing or the other--meaning you'll tip and fall, and potentially jackknife.
  2. Start off just trying to catch small reform white water waves to get the board up off the water.
  3. A little and push over the foil (back foot) and then bring it  back down (front foot)
  4. Once you are TOTALLY comfortable and a little bored with above, start lifting it higher. As you go higher you'll have less drag so the board will accelerate and come higher on it's own. Be ready for that with a little more front foot weight.