Soloshot3 Foiling test video

Now I had the opportunity to borrow a friends Soloshot3

This is fantastic if you haven't got a wife or friend ready to follow you at any opportunity for film session.

Ok I admit I was a little worried about leaving it on the beach , but as long as you're savvy about where to place the camera this particular model has the x65 Optical zoom which helps at this particular spot as its a good 250-300m out from the shoreline.

Im a little sceptical about the company behind the soloshot as you'll read pro and against reviews on their customer service , but as far as the product goes - Its a robotic cameraman that follows your surfing  (most of the time )

Roll on more sessions , Sweet !



Takuma Concept 2019

Here is a sneak peak at the some of the 2019 Takuma Concept product line.

Model X available now - Takuma model X 4'4


Takuma Downwind MODEL X : 6'8x27''x 5'' : 125L


Takuma Concept 2019 foil products