Axis spitfire

Imagine a dedicated surf foiling wing, tailored specifically for those passionate about surfing and looking to take their wave riding to the next level. If you're like us, you've spent countless hours envisioning a wing that effortlessly navigates turns, instills confidence as you drop in, and offers a smooth and predictable lift onto the foil. Not only should it handle breaches with ease, but it should encourage and enhance your wave-riding experience. Each wave presents a unique challenge - sometimes requiring a burst of speed, while other times demanding a slow and controlled approach to stay on the foil. What if there was a wing that allowed you to forget about technicalities and focus solely on the sheer joy of riding? Well, the wait is finally over. Allow us to introduce the AXIS Spitfire.

This remarkable wing stands out with its distinctive elliptical outline, straight median line, and a noticeable absence of aggressive turndown through the tips. Its moderate chord lengths smoothly taper from the center to the tips, facilitating precise and predictable turning maneuvers. Furthermore, the reduced foil thickness enhances its top-end performance, perfectly complementing the increased chord lengths that provide effortless low-end lift.

It's worth noting that many of these exceptional qualities are shared by the renowned ARTPRO Range of wings. In fact, the knowledge gained during the development of that line greatly influenced the creation of the Spitfire, making it a truly remarkable product.

Throughout the rigorous development process, the Axis Spitfire has been put to the test. The smaller sizes offer explosive speed and exhilarating turning capabilities, while the larger sizes are perfect for smaller wave spots and accommodate larger riders. The versatility of the Spitfire front wings allows for seamless transitions between various disciplines, including prone foiling, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), winging, wake foiling, downwind foiling, lake pumping, and kite foiling.

In essence, the AXIS Spitfire is designed to do it all. It's the ultimate companion for any water enthusiast seeking an unforgettable foiling experience, whether it's riding waves or exploring calm waters. So why wait? Get your hands on the AXIS Spitfire and unlock a new realm of foiling possibilities.


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