Takuma RS wing

RS wing Our master wing Born from the collaboration of legendary master sail designer Robert Stroj.

Enhance your performance.

• Fantastic upwind drive, stability and control

• Compact, balanced and ultra reactive

• Simultaneously very forgiving

• Extremely light and stable

• Delivering the perfect balance of power and manoeuvrability

• A super direct control.

• Easy pumping

• Exceptionally durable and resistant


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The Takuma RS 5.1 is as the reviews say, with a truck load of forward drive and a really locked in feel. My front hand is usually at the back of the handle so don't really use the projected part further forward except when I flag from it, and it's really nice for that with the pistol grip. It's the most intuitive of the three sizes, and easy to go really fast!

The Takuma RS 4.3 is a bit more neutral, still hold the back of the front handle, still with a lot of drive but less locked in which is nice for freestyle, and this is my favourite size for that.

The Takuma RS 3.5 is more nuanced in handling in that it's easy to use it without proper air flow over it / slightly stalled, which can be useful when really overpowered.

To really access the full power you need to let the back hand out for a second or two, the airflow then attaches properly, the power really comes on, and you can pull the back hand in again and use that forward drive to go fast. I hold the middle of the front handle on the 3.5 which took a while to figure out. Holding the back of the front handle made the wing really unstable and it bucked all over the place. I had a great wave session with this one a few weeks ago.

IN REVIEW SUMMARY - The Takuma RS wings  all flag out well, their weight is fine, manoeuvrability is good, the flagging handle is nice and they jump well so all in all happy with them. Not missing the boom really now either, except doing aerial rotations where not needing to think where hands need to go is a bit helpful, but not a big deal.

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